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“Carol Channing” and son “Carl Channing” on Joe Franklin

“Carol” and her rather similar son “Carl” chat with the actual NYC talk-show host Joe Franklin. Too, too sick! Also sent by Miss Understood.

From the Twitter Feed: Wig Round-up

Wigs—and the people who wear them—are a hot topic in the news!

Santa Cruz, CA, is trying to use its many wigs to break into the record books. Twilight Nikki is wearing a wig—because her real hair fell out! Bank robbers love wigs, too: one bandit recently sported dreadlocks, another accessorized with a surgical mask and gloves, and one daring criminal did his hold-up Paris Hilton-style, with a blonde wig and pink pants!

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Carol Channing & Pee-Wee Herman: Award Show Chit-Chat

This total crack-up was sent to us by Miss Understood!

Carol Channing Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Channing & Co.

The kudos keep coming in for living legend Carol Channing, pictured above with two humorously named men, hubby Harry Kullijian and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. This time, the award is not for her singing or acting but for her current work raising money for arts in the public schools. Hooray for art! Hooray for its champion, Carol Channing!

Boulder’s Nude Jogging Suspect Likened to Jaybird

nude jogger?

David Orloff (pictured) of Boulder, Colo., was jailed on suspicion of running around all over the place with no clothes on, and could even have to register as a sex offender. Excessive? You be the judge!

He faces a charge of indecent exposure, which could come with a penalty of jail time and a hefty fine. He also could have to register as a sex offender, requiring him to live away from churches and schools.

On Saturday, Orloff told officers that “his nudity did not offend anyone,” according to police. But one neighbor was “very upset about Orloff running naked around his house,” police reported.

The neighbor — who said Orloff wasn’t wearing shoes and described him as “naked as a jay bird” — told officers that children live in the area, and “he would be upset if his wife had to see Orloff running around naked.”

Saturday’s anonymous tip wasn’t the first time in the past week that Boulder police have been called about a man running nude along Folsom.

Carol Channing: “Tommy Tune’s My ‘Son’!”

Above: Carol Channing, Tommy Tune, and others on “The Dean Martin Show”

The Carol Channing news beat has been quiet for a couple weeks, and my heart stopped when someone who didn’t know the difference between Cyd Charisse and Carol told me she had died. But it’s not true—she’s still glowin’, she’s still crowin’, she’s still goin’ strong. And last week she made a special Tony night appearance with leggy Broadway stalwart Tommy Tune. The Los Angeles Daily News was on the scene:

“Did you know that I gave my son – well, he’s known as my son – I gave my spiritual son one of his Tony Awards?” Carol, 87, told me as she held on to Tommy’s arm.

He’s got nine of them, she pointed out.

Gee, where do you put nine Tonys?

“I just moved and I have a mantel in the new place and they link up just exactly right. It just fills it,” Tommy said. “I can’t win any more, otherwise I’d have to move! But I could move.”
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